An Introduction to Stitch and Glue Boat Building

During this hands-on course we will build a kayak or other small boat as a group. Each class will focus on one of the important stages of construction common to Stitch and Glue projects.

You will help to stitch together the ply parts and see the sleek curved form emerge. Next you’ll assist in the gluing of those parts into a solid hull. You’ll gain some direct experience using marine epoxy- the key to transforming a wood boat and making it durable and low maintenance. Finally we’ll touch on the painting and varnishing techniques that give a professional looking finish. Along the way we will also cover the sources of the boat designs you might consider and where to find good quality materials.

This is a short course that moves quickly because between classes I complete the longer steps. By the end I hope you will feel confident you could do this for yourself.

Enrollment limited to 6.

Offered occasionally when there is enough interest.

6 sessions  materials and supplies included

Shop location- 949A Gladstone Ave (just west of Preston Street)

As of mid August the Fall 2018 course has filled up. It may seem too long to wait for the next one but if you are keenly interested, try getting in touch. I may be able to offer some references that will help you move ahead on your own.

In this case we started with a kit of precut parts.
The hull is assembled pretty quickly and is held together temporarily with wire.
A practice run confirms that the deck and hull fit together properly.
With the deck removed, the joints in the hull are first glued and then reinforced.
The exterior has been sanded and a layer of fiberglass added. A couple of coats of epoxy help the fiberglass become so transparent you would not know it’s there.
Sanding the epoxy coated deck.
Adding the cockpit combing
The congenial group who saw this project through
The finished product.