Finished Boats

If you would like a small wooden boat but building your own isn’t practical-

Each class produces a boat and they may be available for sale. Priced at the cost of materials that went into them alone, they are definite bargains. Current models are listed below.

Another possibility is that you could reserve a boat from an upcoming class. You would be able to influence the type of boat, how it is fitted out, and options like paint colour. If you also wanted to take the course, you would have a hand in its construction without having to do it all yourself.

For Sale at Auction

Chester Yawl built 2019

A true rowing boat.
Modeled on the 19th century harbour “taxis” that once ferried passengers and crew out to anchored ships, this boat keeps the traditional good looks and efficient form but is constructed with modern wooden boat materials. The advantages are much less weight and very little maintenance.
It is designed for a single oarsman but can carry a passenger or two as well (max payload 450 lbs.) On the water it is stable, tracks straight and glides along with each stroke of the oars.
Comes complete with spoon blade oars.

Length- 15′-0″

Beam- 42″

Hull weight- 100 lbs.

Design- Chesapeake Light Craft   For more photos search their website for “Chester Yawl”.

See also the article in the May issue of the online journal “Small Boats Monthly”.

To be sold in a silent auction to benefit the Ottawa Riverkeeper at their Gala May 29, 2019. They are an environmental watchdog for the Ottawa River and its watershed. Bids may be placed onsite or from afar. For general detail about the Gala see

For information about bidding in the auction contact them directly by email- 

For more detail on the boat and its construction-

For Sale

Chester Yawl  built 2016

This boat has been used lightly for 3 seasons and is in good condition. Comes complete with flat blade oars, a fitted fabric cover, a customized rear view mirror and a light dolly to transport it to and from the water.
$3,800 (HST not applicable)

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